Indi and friends


Indi and friends




In the beginning. . .


 Truely Madly Faulty


To tell Indi's story properly we have to go back to a time when she wasn't even thought about... Back to a time when I competed with a little red collie called Sona.



In 2000 having reached advanced status with Sona - Full name Truely Madly Faulty - I was looking for a new challenge and started to look for a new dog.  The "Faulty" line had come to an end so I had to look elsewhere and this proved to be far more difficult than I could have imagined. . . .







Having been on three puppy "lists" without success I heard that Lisa Adamson was planning a litter of pups from her blue merle collie "Dare" - Altrica Wishing Silver. Dare was to visit Joe Boy, a striking tri collie belonging to Alan and Jackie Gardner . The result of this mating was born on 20 December 2002. This was to be the first litter of the "Borderstorm" line.




 Indi's Mum 


Dare - Altricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm. 

Blue Merle. 

Eyes Unaffected.

Hips 5:5. 

Reached Advanced (Grade 7) Agility.

Many Show Champs in her pedigree.



Indi's Dad


Joe - Joe Boy

Eyes Unaffected. 

Hips 4:4. 

Reached Advanced Agility. 

Many ISDS Champions in his pedigree.


Joe Boy

























And then there were six



20 December 2002 - A date to remember, not only for the birth of Indi and her five brothers and sisters. Haze, Jinx, Zak, Matty and Tom but also the birth of the Borderstorm line. A line that was to go on to produce some wonderful border collies and some very successful agility dogs. To learn more of Indi's littermates visit the Borderstorm website.








Dare & Joes's 2002 litter

Dare and Joe's 2002 litter.

Jinx - Indi - Zak - Haze - Matty - Tom


(Photo courtesy of Borderstorm)









Jack, Indi & Bo


Never could we have forseen that 20 December 2002 would mark the start of a journey that would lead Ian and I to our 3 wonderful Borderstorm dogs - Indi (from Dares 2002 litter with Joe), Jack (from Dares 2003 letter with Joe) and Bo (from Dares 2006 litter with Dylon). This would also lead to the inception of the "Indistorm" line.















Indi as pup










When we picked up Indi from Lisa she screamed like a seagull all the way home from Scunthorpe - my poor ears!! I remember wondering "how on earth are we going to get to shows if this is how she travels?" I needn't have worried however as Indi turned out to be one of the best travellers I've ever known.



Indi was the most co-ordinated puppy I have ever had; she never went through the gangly stage in growth and always looked perfectly in proportion. She was always quick to learn, house trained form the day we picked her up and keen to play/work for her toys. Her best bud was Spy as she was growing up; he taught her to tear about the garden and snuggled up with her when she was tired. (Spy even taught her to dance!! To read their story click here).



Indi inherited the "Sucky" gene from her dad Joe and curls up sucking her vetbed. If all the dog beds are occupied she isn't fussy and will just squeeze her way into a bed with another of our dogs. Ian says she's a tart - will sleep with anyone! Her biggest vice is licking, she will lick your hands, neck, face or any available skin she can find, we have nicknamed her "Turbo tongue"



Agility wise she went from Novice to Senior within a month of competition, then up to Advanced (Grade 7) within a year. She has loads of drive, a big jump and is desperate to work. Any mistakes in the ring are usually me not being quick enough either of thought or on my feet. Although qualified to work in Championship it is not really "my thing" so Ian has worked her occasionally getting the Reserve CC at East Lothian in 2007. We have been quite successful over the years winning many grade 7 classes and qualifying for the Pedigree Highland Final twice.



All in all she's a lovely dog to own, quiet in the house, keen to work and with a lovely temperament, I am so glad I have her.



Thank you Lisa!








In 2006 I decided after much deliberation that I would like to have a litter of pups from Indi and so began the next chapter in my life with dogs - The search for a stud dog and how to avoid the various pitfalls on the way to breeding a fit and healthy litter kept me occupied for quite some time - I have Lisa to thank for helping guide me down that slippery road.



To learn more of this next chapter in Indi's life you will need to move on to the various litter pages. . .


                  2006 - The Fireworks Litter. 

         2007 - The Dancing Litter. 

         2009 - The Christmas Litter




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